Easy Ad-Manager Pro

Installation Guide
Follow the simple and easy steps to have a banner rotating/managing system on your website:
Step 1: Upload all the files into your server according to the path given in the zip file.
Step 2: Although some servers donot require to set the permissions to CHMOD 777 before the file can be written (It is done by default), but if your server does not do it by default then you need to set the permission of following files to CHMOD 777. (Tell me what is CHMOD 777)
u_file.php, size.txt, refresh.txt, customize.txt
Also CHMOD 777 the folders:
stats, upload, files as well as the file groups.txt inside this folder.
Thats it.
You are done.

Administration Panel
To Log in to Administration Panel, use the following URL:
The Dafault Password is: administrator
You may change the password after logging in.

Administration panel is made user friendly with necessary tips contained within.
You will have no trouble in running the administration panel.
NOTE: Please use a standard software for decompressing the contents of zip file, or else you may have some missing folders. We recommend Winzip or Winace.
If you have any trouble in running this script, just email us at website contact us form.
Copyright: Easy Ad-Manager Pro